Registration for HS, and College Students seeking college and professional career development is under way for the Fall Cohort Sept - Oct 15th. Institutional parent workshops & post graduate entrepreneurship coaching is ongoing.

Who is the Midwest College Project?

The Midwest College Project is a local nonprofit originally established in 2013, to support minority students with college planning.  College planning quickly became a small fraction of the needs that minority students and their families were faced with.  We quickly partnered with industry professionals and thought leaders to design a more robust program for coaching, professional skills, mentoring just to name a few.  The name the "Midwest College Project" signifies our desire to cultivate home grown talent by fostering alliances with local Midwest Universities to support diversity and inclusion admissions recruitment strategies.   We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a lot smaller organization than many competitive programs which allows more hands on attention and greater access to many resources.

Our career coaching is designed to empower professionals by helping them make informed decisions about their trajectory. It's a solution-based approach to career decisions. Our career coaches focus on results, actions and accountability.

Our programming is supported by phenomenal career mentors that often times forge long term relationships with participants.  The advice and wisdom of the right mentors has been an amazing asset when establishing a career trajectory. We are fully aware that mentors can supercharge careers. 

We begin as early as sophomore year in HS working on public speaking engagements, test taking techniques, volunteer projects, and a host of developmental workshops to build skills in areas such as:

Time management


Project management

Problem solving


Conflict Resolution

Social Skills

And other soft skills.... 

Many of our volunteer projects allow for a glimpse at various career options.  By junior year students have some foundation and skills to begin building a volunteer or introductory resume to work our summer intern program.  For those that don't qualify or are not quite ready, we begin the corporate shadowing program and assign career mentors that will follow them throughout the duration of the program. 

It is during junior year, that students begin the college touring, personal statements, essay development and other action plans to prepare for senior year college applications. Students typically shadow 2-3 career paths before graduation which has been extremely beneficial as our data reflects that, 87% of students surveyed they majored in the appropriate field of interest and are more confident in the chosen career path post graduation.  This is ground breaking because statistics show that " Students tend to feel less prepared for future careers than they do for college'. -Youth Truth Survey 2018

Once our members are off to college we maintain annual check points by hosting career and networking events to support the building blocks for their personal branding.  We offer workshops on pitch statement development, entrepreneurship, interviewing skills, LinkedIn development and many other vital aspects to prepare for life after college.  

Fellow alumni, parents, and corporations can take advantage of our coveted "Managing the Millennial Mindset & Grow & Go Theory training as instrumental aspects to Raising A Winner. 

Meet Morenike Odulate

Alumni Testimonials

Harmon - BCBS (MCP Alumni)

“MCP prepared me for college with multiple informative workshops and continual words of encouragement throughout college. The Midwest College Project also helped me post grad as well, putting me in a position to decide on one of four offers fresh out of school. I am beyond grateful for the networking opportunities that MCP has put in front of me!”

Batchman - Graduating Senior (MCP Alumni)

The Midwest College Project ingrained in me great knowledge and confidence that prepared me for not only college, but life as a whole. I made many valuable connections and am grateful to have had the ongoing support and mentoring like no other. The program motivated me to do lots of things but most of all it motivated me to be a better me.  

Staton - Entrepreneur (MCP Alumni)

“The MCP not only assisted in discovering the perfect college for me, but it allowed me to build a network filled with like minded individuals that still last to this day. Mrs. Crittle has been a helpful resource in my business and entrepreneurial ventures during school and post grad. I am thankful for the opportunities and bonds I have that were birthed during my time in the MCP”.

Edwards - Grad Student (MCP Alumni)

MCP fully prepared me to enter the collegiate and working world. Through professional workshops I was motivated to continue my education and pursue my dreams of becoming a business woman and psychologist.

Richardson - Medical Student (MCP Alumni)

"I really enjoyed the Midwest College Tours because it gave me a better understanding of the difference between attending a small, medium and large college. In this way, I was able to narrow down which college was best for me. For me personally, I found out that I prefer a larger sized college. Campus visits afforded me the opportunity to find out what their admissions process was like and what requirements they have."  Throughout my 4 years of college and even as I prepared for Denistry School MCP has been there to support, coach and guide me through the process.  My overall engagment has been a true blessing. 

Ross- Medical School Candidate (MCP Alumni)

"Well it was a good experience and it gave me an opportunity to see if the schools we visited were a good match for me and if they fit my 'interest before I made the commitment to select DePaul," 

Our College Attendees or Graduates & Places We Tour

  • Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton

  • Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Public Speaking
  • Raising A Winner/MCP guest speaking for Beauty & Brains

  • MCP Alumni change makers
  • MCP Holiday Fundraising

  • Hundreds gather to support MCP
  • RAW

  • Building bonds with young readers.
  • McKinley Nelson MCP Alumni

  • Change Maker

Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton

Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Public Speaking

Raising A Winner/MCP guest speaking for Beauty & Brains

MCP Alumni change makers

MCP Holiday Fundraising

Hundreds gather to support MCP


Building bonds with young readers.

McKinley Nelson MCP Alumni

Change Maker

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