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Working with The Midwest College Project/RAW has been great for Mizzou thanks to the guidance Jacqui provides the students. The students of MCP are always well prepared with questions whether we are hosting a virtual village or if they are on campus for a visit. MCP has helped many students find their perfect college fit. 

Patrick Elmore - University of Missouri (Mizzou), Office of Admissions

As a Diversity Recruiter, I was humble and elated for the opportunity to work with Midwest College Project. I am so glad that I did because it has been an amazing experience. Jacqui has been phenomenal! I appreciate her passion, her kind spirit and her willingness to make these connections for the students. I have been thoroughly impressed with the student’s preparedness and professionalism during my interactions with them. The Virtual Village experience has allowed the University of Kentucky to connect to students in a unique, intentional way and I appreciate that. MCP is a program geared towards the overall empowerment of young people and finding their academic home.


Chaquenta Neal- University of Kentucky, Office of Enrollment Management Undergraduate Admissions 




We were very excited to work and continue to work with Jacqueleen and the Midwest College Project/ RAW. She is 110% committed to supporting the needs of high school students and their families in planning for college and the stages beyond. We at Michigan State were particularly impressed with her dedication to equipping students with measureless amounts of information on the application process. What also registered with us is the vast array of options she displays to students within the Midwest, including Michigan State. 

Adams Davis - Michigan State University Office of Admissions

As a medical professional and African-American woman, I am heartened by the work that Jacqueleen is doing with our youth. I've supported her efforts to mentor, coach, and guide young lives along their medical career journeys. As a childhood friend, I've seen Jacqueleen work diligently to create opportunities for hundreds of young Midwest mentees as well as her own children. I look forward to her next-level touring efforts across the Midwest sharing the "Raising A Winner Grow & Go Philosophy". 

Dr. Nicole Butler-Mooyoung, MD - Women's Health of Illinois



The short stories make for a quick and interesting read. The book is filled with practical wisdom that can be applied to any situation where becoming a winner is your goal. As a parent of 2 young people, who have had the honor of being mentored by Jacqueleen, I have seen first hand the positive effects of the Grow and Go Theory, and can definitely say that it has challenged me to handle parenting in a different way. The book is definitely one to have in your personal library.

Zalina Jones - Alumni Parent 

The Midwest College Project often reminds me just how much my story matters. Partly because of my MCP experience, I’ve been able to use my writing skills and perseverance to create amazing college essays. Thankfully, I’ve been awarded multiple competitive scholarships including Coca-Cola and Wentcher. As a sophomore at the Illustrious Morgan State University, I’m continually supported by MCP to enhance my creativity, public speaking, as well as entrepreneurial interest. 

Ciara Evans - Soph Morgan State

Graduate Kenwood H.S. 2018



The Midwest College Project provided me with educational experiences that taught me how to prepare myself to get accepted into multiple colleges and universities. I learned professionalism and how to plan for the next phase of my life. Now as an MCP alumnus, I am continually engaged with career development, public speaking, and opportunities to enhance my skills, strengths, and capabilities. 
Cashmere Street - Soph Hampton University
Graduate: Mother McAuley H.S. 2018
The Midwest College Project was an instrumental part of my success in getting to Cornell University. MCP supplied my peers and me with skills on essay writing, resumes, interviews, etc. that I truly believe made the difference in my application process. 
Jennifer Martin - Soph Cornell University
Graduate: Marian Catholic H.S. 2018
Hi, my name is Corinne Jackson and I am a recent graduate from The college of applied health science at the University of Illinois. Midwest college project gave me a chance to tour schools that I was interested in. Additionally gave me resources such a as essay and interview prep to help me get into my top school! 
Corrine Jackson - MCP Alumni 2019

Advice, Motivate, Guide, Mentor, Coach, Feedback, Help is how I describe Jacqui Crittle and the Midwest Collect Project.

Jacqui Crittle and the Midwest College Project has been a wonderful college mentoring experience and friend over the last year to my son and I. Midwest College Project provided excellent college counseling and preparedness and really knows how to deliver tremendous value to young adults. I appreciate that they listened to the youth’s concerns and desires about the college direction they were pursuing and returned with solutions and suggestions. The years of mentoring and thousands of hours spent doing so give the Midwest College Project a broad-based perspective on helping young adults accomplish what they want. We consider ourselves truly blessed to be a part of the Midwest College Project and wish you all the best in the future helping youth obtain their college dreams.

Lavern Levy - Alumni Parent

It has been a great advantage to have MCP by our side during the college application process. Little did I know as a parent everything that the process included. Jacqui Crittle helped me and my daughter to stay a step ahead of the process and guided us through the whole process. Jacqui is a great person to have by your family's side when it comes to mentoring and connecting students with colleges.

Clemencia Ferreira - MCP Alumni 

Graduate Kenwood H.S. 2018

MCP has been my saving grace!! With twins, I was completely overwhelmed with the thought of the college process for two kids at the same time. MCP stepped in and gave my kids the tools they needed to be proactive in their college search, helped them to narrow down their areas of interest and enabled them to make informed college decisions. I am looking forward to the continued support from MCP throughout their college careers. It really does take a village and we are proud to be members of the MCP family!!

Traci Glover - Alumni Parent

I am so blessed to be apart of the MCP organization. I have experienced so many amazing opportunities with being in this program that most teens my age are not able to get. I love MCP because not only are we preparing for our future, but we are also giving back. My favorite part about being in MCP is that we give back, in an array of ways. It may be from volunteering our time at a church or even going out and helping others with their academic career!

Brint White - MCP Alumni 

  "MCP has truly been a blessing exposing Demi to college life, networking with other peers, helping to make college choices and considering different college majors."

Katarsha Jefferson - Alumni Parent

"MCP truly embodies the proverb " It takes a village to raise a child". From my very first interaction, I gleaned a genuine desire to assist the teens to be successful in both the college application process and life. Their constant presence via texts was very instrumental in preparing my son for the arduous task. I am very grateful that MCP was a part of my sons "village" and one of Jacqui's "babies". I am confident their services will have a direct impact on my son finishing well. Thank you, MCP!

Dr. Thessa Robertson, MD - Alumni Parent


"Cameron & Cheyenne are twins that entered the MCP programming  in 2013, attending all the career planning workshops and 10 total college visits and both received career mentors."

"As with any parent, safety is a huge concern when traveling away from home.  Safety becomes an even bigger concern when you have a child with disabilities. MCP provided a safe nurturing environment that allowed my son to be able to navigate even large city tours to Washington DC via wheelchair with ease.  Program Directors worked with local governing bodies in advance to make accommodations prior to every tour and via their social media tracking system I was  kept abreast of their daily actions and activities, which gave me great comfort as a parent."

 "Both young adults now attend the “University of Missouri” and LOVE IT!  In the midst of the media frenzy, MCP remains connected to my children and continually supports them along their journey towards their future careers."

Dr. Claudette Macklin, MD - Alumni Parent

My daughter was a senior at DeLaSalle HS and had already been accepted in the top colleges of her choice during the first semester of her senior year. All of this was made possible because of hard work and her involvement in the Midwest College Project program. My experience being a part of this unique organization has been irreplaceable! The opportunities that were afforded to my daughter and the information that was provided to me allowed us to be ahead of the curve in EVERY aspect when it came to college preparation. Whether it was attending college tours, receiving testing advice, scholarship information, professional referrals, strategic planning tips and the opportunity to shadow or work in my daughter’s field of interest, EVERYTHING was covered. I was able to avoid the high school senior panic as well as complete tasks ahead of the vast majority all because of Jacqui Crittle of the Midwest College Prep program. They not only teach students to be responsible and excel both academically and in service to others, but they also care for and mentor them. This personal interest in the students spans beyond workshops and meetings and reaches to their very being as growing, aspiring individuals. The support provided to these teens is through the roof. This is what sets MCP above any other organization that I have encountered (and I have encountered many!). I highly recommend this program to any and every parent of a high school student entering college. The experience is by far the most rewarding you will find, anywhere!

Tanya Jeter -Alumni Parent

"I absolutely love MCP. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by likeminded individuals kept me encouraged and allowed me to work hard at everything I do. MCP students are afforded many opportunities to participate in college tours, social events, mentoring relationships and community service field trips. The best part for me so far has been being partnered with my mentor Dr. Hayes. I was able to shadow her throughout her workday as she saw patients and it was an amazing experience. Not only have I had the opportunity to make new lifelong friendships, but I've built a relationship with Ms.Jacqui that will last forever."

Kennedi Glover - MCP Alumni 

“Well it was a good experience and it gave me an opportunity to see if the schools we visited were a good match for me and if they fit my 'interest before I make the commitment later on when choosing a final college." 

Ashley Ross - MCP Alumni


"The Midwest College Project has been a great experience as it has helped me find the perfect college. It also opens new doors of opportunities to experience the real world." 

Student - Alexis Malone