Register for the 2021 MCP College & Career Planning Year April 1st-31st 2021 until all spots are filled. Programming begins Sept 12th, 2021.


A network of freelance interns available for hire.  Professionally trained to support task related to corporate, entrepreneurial, political and community based organizational needs. All our staff are college Jr, Sr's and first year graduates from the top universities in the country.

Students in our programming that select to participate in the internship program must meet several very rigorous criteria to include: submission of 2 letters of recommendation from a school official & professional reference, a resume & cover letter, completion of the RAW career assessment, CPR training if required, a strong knowledge of Microsoft Suite, maintain a 3.0 or higher, and superior public speaking skills. 

Companies will enjoy the benefits of a professionally trained intern that has knowledge, skills and capabilities to meet their needs in the areas of: Marketing, PR, Research, Brand Strategy, Promotions, Schedule Management, IT, Social Media Maintenance, Strong Clinical Terminology, Community Political Awareness and more.  The elite training program will take place over an 8 week program virtually. 

Interested corporations will have the luxury of selecting candidates from a tiered pay dynamic whereby we offer volunteers, seasonal interns, stipend interns, salaried interns and freelance project interns.