Register for the 2021 MCP College & Career Planning Year April 1st-31st 2021 until all spots are filled. Programming begins Sept 12th, 2021.

Program Trio

High School

The Midwest College Project, Inc.™ (MCP) offers landmark resources for 60 high school students over 1-2 years with each cohort. Through participation, students are prepared for college and beyond. High School Jr's & Seniors gain the opportunity of a lifetime with innovative groundbreaking modalities for career and college planning, corporate shadowing, career mentoring, virtual college admissions engagement and resources for career and personal branding just to name a handful of our phenomenal opportunities that qualified students can experience.  High-achieving students will have access to limited summer internships.  Professional statement development, college essays will be incorporated to support partnerships with local corporations, community-based organizations, small businesses and government organizations. 

Note: This program incorporates many community service project opportunities that provide letters of recommendation useful for life skills, personal enrichment, scholarships and college admission applications. We require actively enrolled students to support at least one (1) service project during their cohort engagement. 

Gen Z

25 college students, or 1st year alumni learn the skills to navigate as corporate professionals, become change makers, serve as creatives, become progressive thinkers, master skills as captivating public speakers and the foundation for becoming a successful entrepreneur.  Qualified students can apply to take part in paid and non-paid internships. Development of professional elevator pitches, advanced resume workshops, All Star LinkedIn profile creation, personal branding seminars, EPK kit creation, and mock accelerated interviewing are all part of the full immersion programming. 

Note: We require Participants to support at least one (1) service project during their cohort engagement and to attend the 2 hour SEL adult learning seminar. 


Students ages 12-18 and parents are eligible to take part in the 10 step program that is held over 6 weeks.  All participants will learn the fundamentals of the Grow & Go™ theory along with tons of ways in which to master each concept.