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1 Day On-Site or Virtual Grow & Go Theory Workshop for Institutions

1 Day On-Site or Virtual Grow & Go Theory Workshop for Institutions

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What's included?

A 120 minute workshop held with either, students, parents or faculty. The workshop is designed to deep dive into the core principles of the Grow & Go Theory™,  and Effective Teens with a Slight Edge training to identify ways in which to incorporate each aspect into their daily routine.  Pricing includes 10 copies of the "Raising A Winner The Grow & Go Theory Book" and electronic links to course materials. 

The instructor brings over 23 years of coaching, training and strategic planning experience in working with youth and adult learners. With multiple post-secondary degrees and certifications from top tier schools such as Loyola, Cornell and Roosevelt she utilizes evidence-based coaching models and methodologies rooted in positive psychology and real-world learning techniques. 

Participants will engage in an interactive action-packed 2 hours complete with activities, videos, and real-life scenarios to drive home each principle. 

How will participants benefit?

Whether you are a student, parent or faculty you will benefit from the training to help achieve a better school and professional balance, excel in and out the classroom or the workspace, achieve your ambitions and career goals, or simply explore your hidden potential. 

Certified as a Life Strategist/in the 5D's Leadership training, Whole Braining Learning, Consulting Skills, an SEL curriculum the instructor is armed with the tools necessary to create a winning routine for all. 

Note: The class design can be customized to meet various specific deliverables to include but not limited to college and career planning, parenting advocacy strategies, entrepreneurship, and personal branding.  

Class Size Minimum:10 

Class Size Max: 60