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High School (Life Time Membership)

High School (Life Time Membership)

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Since 2010 MCP has been servicing Illinois young adults with college and career planning services.  685+ Students have toured more than 16 Midwest Universities and 4 Historically Black Universities each year.  18 different local schools were represented by the students that have gone through our programming since we were established.  The end result, that makes us unique is that we don't simply prepare our students for college, we prepare them for life by following them through all 4 years of college and beyond offering support and resources whenever needed for things such as GRE/GMAT test preparation, mock interviewing, resume building, personal branding, corporate networking events, public speaking, coaching skills, entrepreneurship training, community service, mindfulness practices and more.  

The aim for MCP has been to cultivate homegrown talent by forging sustainable relationships with the top Midwest Universities to offer private diversity & inclusion presentations along with retention and recruitment engagement that allows students and parents the opportunity to ask questions and obtain answers in a safe space to support enrollment decisions.


High School

The Midwest College Project, Inc.™ (MCP) offers landmark resources for 90 high school students over 3 years with each cohort.   Students become lifetime members with their one-time membership fee from ages 15-24.  (Note: College touring is an optional program and has nominal fees to cover the cost of transport, lodging, and a customized t-shirt).  Through participation, students are prepared for college and beyond. High School Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors gain the opportunity of a lifetime with innovative cutting edge modalities for test preparation, career and college planning, corporate shadowing, career mentoring, virtual college admissions engagement, and resources for career and personal branding just to name a handful of our phenomenal opportunities that qualified students can experience.  High achieving students will have access to limited summer internships.  Professional statement development, college essays will be incorporated to support partnerships with local corporations,  community-based organizations, small businesses, and government organizations.  

Note: This program incorporates numerous community service project opportunities that provide letters of recommendation useful for life skills, personal enrichment, scholarships, and college admission applications. We require actively enrolled students to support at least one (1) service project during their cohort engagement. 







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