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Raw for Academic Groups

Raw for Academic Groups

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Students ages 12-18 and parents of college-bound students are eligible to take part in the 10 step program that is held over 8 weeks.  All participants will learn the fundamentals of the Grow & Go™ theory along with tons of ways in which to master each concept. Each session is 2 hours in duration and will incorporate various guest speakers and resources to support each module.

In addition, we offer add services for virtual test preparation:

• Servant Leadership transformed for the 21st Century
• Draws on Three Pillars of Sustainability: The Individual, The
Family, & The Community.
• Taught as a college course with Lecture & Recitation sections
• Students will be paired with college peer tutors
ACT curriculum grounded in MITs engineering problem solving
• We utilize Harvard Business School’s case study approach
• We focus on academic, social, and emotional health – Overall
student well-being.

Why RAW? 

Studies have shown that coaching and or career intervention for parents and students may improve outcomes for successful parenting and more focused guided career and college engagement.  Students that incorporate RAW principles into their daily lives are far more prepared for whatever obstacles and opportunities that the world presents.  Take a listen to two of our RAW students....